Massage Therapies:

These are suited for those who just want to relax from the stresses of the day and week. These are therapeutic and effective at relaxing the body while still increasing circulation, increasing health, and improving mental stamina.

Swedish Massage

For those that just want to relax, that don't have much going on with their bodies, or just need to escape reality.

Hands Free Thai Massage

For those that want to relax while being stretched using compression therapy and Thai Stretching to lengthen and open the structure bringing a sense of openness to the body, mind, and spirit.

Muscle Therapies:

These are suited for athletes, from: Professionals, Weekly and Weekend warriors, and for those that need specific work according to injury, chronic/acute pain and ailments. 


For those who want to flush fluids through their muscles, pre and post competitions or events.


For those that lack but want to gain flexibility to improve their movement. 


For those that have a recent or old injury, and want to break up or reduce the amount of scar-tissue being developed. Also ideal for pre and post operation, knee, hip, shoulder etc...


For those that want to regain movement that they used to have but because of injury or lack of use now has reduced the range of motion.

Trigger Point Therapy

For those that want more traditional pointed therapy, for aches and pains stemming from overuse or lack of circulation.

Deep Tissue Therapy

For those that need a therapeutic session to break up all the muscles and help restore circulation for the entire body.

helping your body heal through touch and nutrition

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
~Thomas Edison


Mobile Massage/Muscle Therapy and Nutrition Services

Group Therapies:

This is a special option for those who want to save money. Option is available for 2 or more Therapy Sessions, one after the other. Popular for House/Pool Parties where I can set up in one room and work on those interested in trying Massage/Muscle Therapies without having to pay full price while relaxing with friends and family.

All Massage/Muscle Therapies are available for

Group/House/Pool Parties

Nutrition Services:

This is for anyone interested in learning more about nutrition, how the food we eat interacts and reacts with our body, and how it directly affects our overall health. I have been given so much through the years, that I want to give back to the community by offering free nutrition education, consultation, and general advice. Please be aware that I am not a Doctor, and that I do recommend seeking consent from your doctor prior to starting any dietary changes. I can work directly with you and your doctor to help you achieve your goals. My 4 years of formal education at ASU is heavily focused on dietetics. My 15 years of informal education and personal experience is built around the culinary arts, recipe modification, various dietary restrictions, and dietary programs. I am available to meet with you in various ways: Email, Skype, FaceTime, or by Phone. I offer various approaches to living a healthier life through better nutrition, exercise, and alternative medicine. For more in-depth and personalized nutrition programs, I will meet with you face to face, and my services are no longer provided free of charge.

It is common knowledge that the road to good health is dependent on the goals you set and your determination to achieve them. I can provide you with the therapy, knowledge, and support that you seek in order to get closer to that goal. I want you reach your goals, but I need you to allow me help you. We all know that our bodies today (stressed, overworked, aches and pains, etc...) didn't get this way overnight... Therefore, issues you have now won't disappear with just one session. For some it is several sessions, others its many; depends upon how your body responds to the work, and if you do your homework. Let me help you heal yourself... Together we can work toward achieving your goals, so that you can achieve the Quality of Life you seek.

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